It didn’t come to him ’til he was in his mid-twenties, been meaning to make a difference – sizeable indeed
To breathe through these golden lungs rather, pickings of soliloquy lyrics all along simply getting to sugarcoat his very surreal upbringing – the ultimate escape
Confront the truth head-on, painstakingly strong and unbearably at one with a supposed Mother Nature
Stranger than any known fiction will suit him just fine, thank you very much
Incredibly, alarmingly, able to tie it all back together one way or a corruptible other, on a drug-addled whim or ten, nonetheless – when addiction brought with it all of these looser than trimmings
His aim will always be to jovially coax these people into lukewarm submission at first – then they begin to take it entirely upon themselves to come in their undeniable droves, no supposed brilliance anymore, maximum potential met
Has it really well and truly been heaven-sent?
Sure it’s all been courageously stored, drunken stupors, a crazed thirst for everything nearing on rigorous perfection – will correct himself time again so as to fail better, this unruly punishment in the first instance adding to the overall comeuppance as such
Drenched in absolute genius, he just must
A beautiful story to tell while delicately – one step at a pedestrian time – dispelling all of the pain that still attempts to mesmerisingly rain down upon, this bearded salt ‘n’ pepper frown needs to remain the wrong way round
Nobody laughs anymore, this particular bear’s multi-layered career having really geared itself on up, gladly interrupted many a misgiving
Trust us, he will always want to go to Marz

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