Cigarette smoke – and he chokes the better parts of nakedly suggestive being… into mysterious play again.

This is, the all-or-nothing, distastefully at large, promiscuous place to be.

Wherein they taste the other person’s pleasurable everything, measured at hairs-breadth-length, to blissful perfection.

Indeed, both of them a pair of wanderlust individuals, who forever wear their chosen hearts upon silken sleeves…
Utterly insatiable, radiance-in-waiting people.

And, please, do pardon their begging-to-be released, prioritised by these scintillating eyes, drain-the-whole-damn-system unforgettably dry, bed-hopping mitigation.

While we watch and witness to listen, ’til living vicariously through they.

Like we say: Simply scintillating.

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