Rip-torn at being real – reckless reality breathes

Verbal people

See an addictive way, and the thought – tautness – of the mushrooms resumes at play

Inner within the singers’ predisposed portal starts sneaking and hearing harrowing voices inside of our implanted brains – purchase a book of plagiarised poetry and demand something from nothing, why won’t we …

Noting – all inclusive at reeling, racetrack allusion

The familiarity within these welterweight window panes – paining and painting an inescapable victory – closing right behind an Amazonian jungle fever for needless fervour

Please, strong personalities of ours, understand your wrecking ball reasoning – all of our chips on evil thinking

We are orally deactivated aside utterly lethargic, screaming in and both back immediately at four circulatory corners – eating and nibbling our egos away

From hero to z-e-r-o. We wish to interrupt the fabric of space-time midst long intervals of true hallucinations – from what is essentially a constant, percolating chemical reaction

Simon whispers and serenely says, take a simultaneous trip, please, and won’t you inevitably close that book of undeniable drivel and inopportune drive – no poet knows nothing … they took their first trip the moment their lips tipped twisted nipples

And the rest of it will forever be organic afterthought
From start to star here we all are