Never so lonely as I am right now
Modern day relative disaster
I knew a few of you, too many perhaps, that will smile on hearing that
Crap, what has happened to me
Gloating to nobody and everyone – only inside of my curious head
Sucker-punched to my bed all over again
Different kind of parade going on inside, or rather not as the case may be
So much right there in front of me but can’t quite catch it, grab the life from it
Simple things none too simple anymore
I snore, roll on over, imagine a beauty propped up alongside of me
I just believe that these things really could have been
I do smile but not those ones you see on the comedy channels, miles wide with no place to go but inwards
Banjo playing your soul ’til you still feel everything
How on earth am I going to bring this all back, or did I ever really have it