If they told you that you could write like nobody has ever done before would you believe them? Would you really begin to believe that that ability lies within you?
Would you smile, or simply continue on as you were?
Because seemingly the only person who isn’t telling you that you can do this is, believe it or not, YOU
True you only ever see words – some big, many very, very small, and it all seems a little too made-up for your liking
Odd that
Yet this is your aim, always has been, an utterly unquenchable need to write and write until those sentences carry a decent degree of visual construction up inside of your mind – is that when it gets too easy altogether, you may well ask
Sentences may mean far more to most on a visualised level, but it is you who gets to try every single time and construct that next mesmerising sentence which makes their mind work wonders like that
When will a compliment work, when will it set some kind of a flicker of delight alight in you?
Will it need to be a grandiose award, a heady nod of acknowledgement from those you have been forced to deem ‘almighty’?
You’re fairly average at all you do besides but, then, most writers are to be perfectly fair
You are ultimately writing to appeal to one person
And if you can appeal to that one person then surely you can unearth others carrying a like-minded approach to reading
Find your particular audience and, as you always say, blow the whole thing wide open
Can you manage that?
And is that exactly what you want?

No, not really, just a beer with a friend who says I did good in the end

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