Precariously hopeful
No more and certainly no less
An insatiable appetite which will need to be quenched
If only for awhile
I smile, so much as pose for an all too forgetful picture or two
So much as three and they’re taking the piss
Quite possibly, perhaps even notably, I’m being a little too remiss
Just a juvenile really when it comes to the heady matter of my line setting fire
Narrowing one such room filled with over two hundred eyes?
Left, right… then back again
Hone on in, why don’t you!?
I didn’t choose this just for the fun of it
I don’t sit it out rather akin to a crazed nobody to only ever fall oh so short by the end
See, I was wired this way, and whether or not you can see it, I will have my time
Maybe not today, heck, maybe not tomorrow
But soon for the rest of my life

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