I tried not to write for just one day but this is how far I got, my pen and I always and Goddamn forever it seems
A movie reel of sorts going on inside
I sleep alright, it doesn’t keep me from my bed
That said, I do need the rest owing to my heavy head
However, there is a fair degree of dread, dread that I will never make it inside a book, something which took J.K Rowling a fair amount of time, fifty rejection slips to be more precise
But what on earth did she do to make her particular ‘rhyme’ work
Now people pick her book up without a second thought, maybe they’re right, maybe I ought to read more stuff
But if it took her that long how long will it take before I reach my holy grail, have my poetry purchased in bookshops throughout this country, not withstanding The Pale
I’ll keep on keeping on because the taste is too tempting, far too strong
I’m only on the appetiser now, tasty enough but oh so tough to know just what the main course will be like