Hard-catered for – woundup woundabout nuisance of a sweet little besmirching thing that it is, was… still ceaselessly persists at being

Albeit gently does it now dearly besotted Obsessive Compulsive Person of Ours

Too far gone once upon a time multi-plicated by a thousand thunderboltage tumults and all in one eerily disordered instance

This mesmerised insistence of his 22-year prison sentence to unearth the key (does that really make him thirteen in his head, though!? – No, none so much anymore) via the real sentence lies developmental within. .. … wraparound pen (installation and spill —>>>
To ever get to truly forget (it)

Where he has been, and where on hurting-Earth he may yet get to be. Come – for it’s been fair fantastically happening all whilst he’s been incomprehensively mapping
The truth
Midst dilapidated upsidedownviolentlyprised truth

  • And if you knew where he went then you would (most certainly) not waste your sweet little abrupt mind praying for forgiveness anymore