It’s a back to front Frozen-faced Disaster and they cannot but tape their eyes widely and search for another

State of Staten Island bewilder. We’ve been mortgaging our minds for the sake of selling something both brand new and momentarily. There were indeed ways of

Creating a state = of her versUS him determination as they: “Mess with one another’s head without even trying…

To vacate our own state.” Bewilder As said before, only she’s been

Getting kicked in the FannY enough times now for her to REALLY rally her rebellious mind BACK+together and LEAVE herself utterly alONE(!) It’s brilliant what actually happened at the under
of believable, aHeM, make-believe; kinda like a seriously inVisible MasterPEACE. She stands with a smile that has its own turbine behind: the turbine-of-mind, if you like…

and forever propelled and sent to Mean Everything

= = To no one, “please.” Like a comical circus Versus another person’s worst nightmare SometimeS