A disease, a desire … a shoelace that snaps with no time left

Claiming the wall of space for his own creative anguish and absolute angst-arisen territory – he calms and colours these hopscotched flavours at will

All awhile, all along, lending himself one such lucratively suggestive favour … uttermost betrayal in a cumbersome nutshell

The thinking swill of the constant thrill … the tremendously tumultuous dip n dive furthermore inside

A standing canvas breathes none too easily anymore, abhors the touch of its favourite enemy’s trembling forefingers – each to their own and prone, prone, prone …

To prolonging what appears to scream: “Inevitable!!”
Pushes wholeheartedly against another artist’s tarnished eye to another abrupt and ready portal

The competition is fierce and he will need to steady his sizeable ship now, please
Flee these hidden necessities for utter plagiarism again

Hold increasingly still these falsified impressions until, it all makes wayward sense of itself

Sellout? Absafuckinglutely, would not have it any other way but for right here, right about NOW

He sows the tethered ear of last generation’s soul and proposes to suppose to softly bring it back into place, back into ambidextrous play again and for one next time – vilified by the dancing darkness of the nocturnal light’s ramifying re-awareness

Aside its undulating crystal-clear behaviours – only he need know, the pontificated wanderings of his very own soul anymore

Sullen and worn, only equally invested in this terrifically tantalised soil set to seed for undeniable turmoil. All of it is his

Rather easily

Give him ten thousand a year and he will paint til the end of the end of the next great century, only death withstanding, of course. So far ahead of his motherfucking time and these contemporary thankless sanctioning’s are killing him minus them even seeing it

He will throw it all away to simply get to dance atop their each and every grave
Pretty pitiful – both pretty at being pitiful and pitiful at being

 When style quantifies all mounds of madness – therein lies the insane method which comes with it

You really ought to touch him when he is torn, rather than to touch him whenever he smoulders