Theirs are the senseless over-adventures of iconic people meshed mercilessly back together again and with these other eyesoaring individuals of utterly Hahahahaha-hindsight-hilarity actually: they’ve EVEN been ACTING valiantly on-song again and they’ve DEFINITELY been these… rather DEFIANT people and to a ball-breaking point.. of ACTUALLY making sure of their very own ultimate industriousness THIS TIME. It doesn’t even need to mean to be CrEaTiVe at all ANYMORE, not EVER EVEN for a militant minute —-

Of commonplace amalgamation. These pens and their pursued AND, henceforth, poised people; these playfully plagiarised posters of po-faced printmakers and their feint little begging-me-please(!!) instrumentations —

Of over-the-top toPICS at-hand and other.. CERTAINLY idiosyncratic elements of SERIOUSLY attempting —
To turn themselves off and back on again(!)