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Very much so an antagonised woman OF THE passion-filled WORLD who didn’t (even) ever get to understand the shadow-of-sharks that circled her pulsating soul. “A story of her own and she’s crying these TASTY-faced tears (anyway…) to stay steadied with her fear for its face-value worth AND HURT, plEASE—

And to, no less, make it matter The Least.” We’ve crippled our own bank accounts to make financial sense of a dragged backward together and toward itself (yet) again society anyway. SOS, “and she’s

Seriously (re)considering the evening-time implementation of ALL THESE LAW-abiding things.” Why won’t we open-UP, though, our blueDOLLAR bloodline to the wide-world but probably because =

There were enough unspeakably paralysing reasons for us to spend our hay-wired DayS in bed again, even if… it’s the last thing we (really) needed.

Dazed and (immediately) READY: “to simultaneously realise… … the (utter) repulsion of everybody else’s homespun desires.” When we are walking on a wire which spells to spill…

Its own widespread desires.