Eyes feeling the mid-morning skies
Max Mara brows to set the tone
Jimmy-Choo shoes – black & red
Colour magnificent, or so the infamous New York photographer said
A fashion designer’s brand new line parading their slender thighs – relatively short
Giving away so much as a little but never a lot
No such tan upon these two Irish beauties bodies, just a swim in the nearby ocean ’til sun-kist rather perfectly
Otherworldly, no two ways
An audience of 9-5 suits in hot pursuit, beer in hand
Adamant on catching a momentary selfie – ridiculous, sure who else would have ’em?
Ten ogling women sitting alongside, making damn sure that their proteges don’t lost their wits from such a young age
Bashful and filled by time; no real reason, no real rhyme
Standing here in line so as to make a pretty penny
Heaven-sent, their parents where the real genes came from
All these two beauties ever really did was steal them away