And here I sit, still with my pen
Unable to do anything truly worth remembering
Steely and precise diction, perhaps
But an entire lapse in worldly concentration
I mean, who really cares… about this pen, this page
Seems I was snared entirely
By a fair degree of downright restriction when it came to what truly did matter
Nothing but a bunch of madhatters, both they and we
Ten bullets at a mesmerising time, inglorious splatters of full and lonely blood come showering down around a thick and hollowed back wall
They do crumble… and you can be rest-assured that they most certainly fall
Oh so fucking far!
Bastards! They took them down oh so frighteningly, to an utterly contagious ground
How dare you sound all of us out!!
“Face up, fellas! reload… RELOAD… GODDAMNIT!!
Then… another such derogatory round of slugs fall into harrowing place
Fittingly for them, not so much for thee
Ten heads at a time soon begin to explode all over a saddened family member’s shoulder
Dire straits
And we never get to find out ’til fifty years too little too late
‘Til these people’s fate were destroyed
This the atrociously shallow place where there now stands a ticking timebomb of a separate kind
We will find you and we Will. Kill. You.
Seems I need to step on up to the plate and do my very own duty, to sound each and every last one of you out
Curse my flailing pen