These skies are crying out for all kinds of undivided attention – we just must attempt to do something that can absolutely start to replicate these stories of old – ferocious by many a homegrown, all too known, accord
Unabashed and entirely truthful, at one with something or another, we will need to smother the whole damn thing ’til finally getting to turn all too desirably aware once more
The ultimate reprieve and all of this in a seriously unsuspecting instance
When we came to incredible fruition and took it all by fleeting storm, warmed our fledgling hearts all over again – floored the manic opposition ’til nothing but blood-ridden tears begin to rapturously bleed from these veteran eyes of theirs
Outstandingly outlandish and all kinds of serendipitous, done with twiddling these worn-out thumbs of ours for now – our own blood is coming, bubbling like crazy kinds of acidic snakes at the surface
Their heads never so ravenous in all their life
This was meant to happen, rather intricately mapped out a thousand-and-one times over – we did this because, above all else, push to shove it does
seem as though we needed to
Can you not simply light your sullen cigarette, sit courageously on back and see that these once-upon-a-time trembling shoulders are no longer the coldest known thing in the whole wide living world
Earned and never, ever squirmed as such, we’re about to broach the silkened surface
Quench the fuck right from our tremendously orchestrated thirsts

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