All he ever longed to do was to create something from seemingly so

A high-wired, -fired and rambling mind tends to find one such questionable style, simply one exceptional way forward
These broke-down, mis-matched instruments of rehashed his have been crawling violently, screaming lunatic asylum-like inside of his pulsating brain midst never-ending debacle and begging to be
Righteously re-utilised

Given their own comforting canvas to call their ludicrous own – homegrown and undeniably, unshakeably pristine for its whole wide dirt-ridden worth on beatnik Earth

And, time again, the hellbent creator arises to his bleeding knees with nothing but hostile time to fill
Dollops of contagious angst to shred and to endlessly kill

And with these realms of rambunctiously awry imagination to wishfully instil, he will manage to stretch the bounds of realistically invisible reality and, above all else, all of this for his own known good

Food for insatiable thought by the break of yawned dawn, and we really ought to settle ourselves right the way down to the curiously purposeful bones of our artistic beings again, sit up and take ferocious notice of our artistic selves

While he paints the reawakening sky just as suggestively serene as his non-stop, pulsating inner-eye causes itself to forever see fit and ridiculously willing

No rest for the recklessly restless, born to be wicked, wherein the over-investment of a neglected lifetime is worth uncountable amounts of glorious gold all by its introverted own

If only he could live the way he dreams of being – at a million miles per sensationally visual minute

Both safe and sad to say… we’ve been missing what’s magnificent

Of course kids love his work – for he remains the kid in all of us

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