There are THESE people of playfully uplifted intelligence who shall over/express themselves constantly: as though they were in-fact their own theatrical showmanship

Of balancing ACT EQUILIBRIUM. Brilliant and, also… contrarily ASKING TO further Farther.. goddamnit BRING THEMSELVES all of the waaaay back!

To BaSkInG in this seriously SING(ular) and sepaRATED sense of distinguished dilapidation.

It’s ALL OF IT.. appears to have been… a rather RARIFIED, ratified and InTenSeLy sensational and ENDLESS endeavour, wherein..

These caughten-and-APTLY-captured, gladly RaGgEd AND ADVANTAGEOUSLY peripheral people WILL- –

Carry with them their WITS and falsified-smiles
A fair and Rambunctious While.

Awhile.. An Inundated, ageless, AGEIST(?!) Audience Acts the UBER-enhanced, mile-a-minute, magnified and MAGNIFICENT maggot

All by themSELVES.

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