Pressed fair tight, someone, not quite anyone needing to spark the light
Bring it all back to life for just one night, perhaps?
These cigarettes will be an otherwise terrible waste – tucked all too affably inside of his leather jacket pocket
Looking to attract that wandering somebody
Then, her lips stole the whole show, posed a resolute need to breathe the right kind of air – prepared to meet her match, snatch him away entirely ’til left unequivocally, rather perfectly crazy the fair pair of them
For, you see, these nights are few and far between
A Corona ‘n’ lime shoved all too knowingly to one side
Her rather paramount side, namely
No need to hide it out anymore, these pristine heels made to bring absolutely everything to the equation
Immaculate persuasion, oh so sensationally strung out
Some will say on a surefire wing or two
Why not try and amount to exactly what she might just need…
Tee it on up, whisper a little something in her stonewall ear
So near yet not quite there as yet, stretch this conversation on over to the very next level
When we get to see your teenage arms finally intertwine – high on the atmosphere which seems to surround us all
She never, ever thought she could get to fall so far
“There you are… “

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