Her eyes have been mildly transfixed by this sense of endlessly kissed bliss, her words WERE her wise old Weaponry.. once upon a long long time ago. “And now?” It’s all over but for the words which she wishes to wisely whisper.. at these delightful people who cannot but smile amidst happy peripheral and distinctly disguised denial. She is here, there… really wherever she may wish to be(HAVE)..

“We not seen the greatest feat known to any woman yet?” Why haven’t we EVEN seen the scene. Of her GREATEST enthused and painted participation-

And it is an amazing and endless endeavour of treasured aforementioned bliss; do touch it AND DO: kiss it by its

Wandering of intermingling feet. The foothold IS no such chokehold anymore but, rather.. this game of cat and mouse and all things shit-housery.. if needs be

Testing her favourite BEST memory, he sees her.. time again..

And even WHEN(!) It all does appear to be ALL up nEAR the air, UP somewhere(!) They will..

Listen and fondly f-e-e-l it all for themselves: none too shy eyed and definitely these
Hahahahaha-people of prioritised white lies as opposed to the other kind

Of utterly unkindly behaving’s. It’s been

“Especially epic and definitely decorated with this lovely little emotional ocean.. Left nakedly expressive(For itself…) and NAMED

Unashamed society.”