If we really were into anything supremely satisfaction guaranteed then we were definitely into making Up all Of TheSe lies to ——- friendly eyes and minds and seeing precisely how they may feel about

SqueaLing in vain anyway _ and seriously sprinting inside someone else’s hay-wired dreams. She’s a dramatic little pulsating and otherworldly girl with her “fUcKsaKe..” wits all inexplicably and inescapably TwiSteD UP to a point of learning to DIE –

Ten times per second actually. “We won’t let her do that particular thing this week, though, we won’t Even Want To Witness the undenied smile — “carry its MIGHT and stay a while.”

She’s been thinking and praying and making her own inCONgruent mind UP and down

Again – (as) a chaotic catchphrase catches instantaneous Life At Large and inside her

Flight of expressive mind. We’ve thought of EVERYTHING THAT WE CAN, really. We’ve even lassoed our choices in unison (and) to the wholeWIDE shape of the smirking moon. And, yet, she cannot seem to send herself even

Nearly so far as: “halfway-inSAne, plEASE.”