When their nerves stole the whole exploratory show, that’s how it happened to’ve been

Accepting of its own state of FaTe. Their sedated ~somewhat(??!?)~ said fate really had its own way of

Finding equilibrium ToHaveBeen; “as we see it fit they haven’t nearly reached the surface of sure-faced desire… .”

Why were we not boosted by our own sense of strife and strength but borderline because… softly say it please, “but we have

TWitCHED and watched ourselves this morningTime AM. and it still seems incredibly BOTH prehistoric and commonly comprehensive at that” –

And if we cannot digest our flipped food in a full and skilful manner then We may as well’Ve brightly brought ourselves sassily away from

The table.”

It’s their newest gathering o
Af bestialised breaths that collapsed within their greatest moment of magnificence – these… disdained and wasted people of once upon a talented existence. The way they truly fell by the wayside really is

Its own mind~bending storyline with so many tragic TwIsTs and Unearned Turns. It’s… been lavish and grandiose at times and certainly

A troubled part of Paradise SqUaNdeReD, actually. Where were they Though
when they needed themselves the most but for

—>> sticking drumbeat needles inside of their Neanderthal arms again and

Knuckling down… to knocking<—->back bottles of Back To Momentary Life beer. So near… to it having been a whole other GATTACAlike storyline of

—>>> a picture perfect kinda sliding_doors existence. Do NOT(!) pity them, plEASE… just be s(U)re to bring them to 1step—>ahead of the rest – regularised and rather riotously rEaL people

“We need to feel better At Being borderline believable if this is going to actually bless itself (with whiskey to the tip-of-the-top of the forehead) to the last.”