The practised ability to leave his past demons all of them delicately designated – placed at an irretrievable point of comfortable disquiet. These rambling, rather jovial individuals who’ve been unanimously both noted and renowned for their undeniable levels of comforting numbness, soon as whenever really though, the unpardonable airings of their essentially insignificant offences is tenderly permitted to wreak an unnatural kind of increased havoc and to “devil-may-care” continue at causing scattered and isolated levels of elegant agony.
And it will gently reverberate throughout the four walled corners of one such posthumously diagnosed room..
Filled to the breathtaking brim with the insomniac nature of these piecemeal people … ..those who have frightfully failed to care for themselves since the eager-faced beginning (began all by itself?)

Touch the tempestuous key and turn itself theatrically back toward

Accidental hierarchy

Soon as this purely painted picture of purely painted significance became the doorway back
To that of the hand of a thankful friend

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