The lack thereof for anything but absolute focus to a piece of non-focus
To altogether let these snaking mistakes happen and at precious will … ’til devil-may-care instilled
Mark her very own utterly earned words – because the petrifying fall from an unexplainable taste-for-life viewpoint would cause a larger-than-life individual to disappear
And agonisingly fail to reappear like nobody can ever quite bring themselves to fathom to start to begin to wholeheartedly imagine
Still fighting to remain upright sprightly – one of a kind
She’s been encircled enflamed amidst play-pretend fire courtesy of the lesser, rather abrupt and dastardly imbalanced parts of her brain so long a time
A crime upon the real She
– Truly
– Gregarious and fun-loving, insightfully at one with the better, far less restless parts of her
This was supposed to be easy
The deadly delve which knows no true bounds … to sound all of it out
A deathly delve to smother one such overwhelmed person, akin to no other, really
And how she has always seen it
Been it
Which struck her retreating heart and mangled a most trustworthy, ship-shape soul
Entirely imprisoned, unpardonably ostracised aside ungodly floored
If there were in fact a God … then why did he make her ass the perfect height for kicking … …
Oh how she deplores to simply think about all of that utter crazed irrationality which beggars all sorts of substantial belief, only to reassume to presume itself to outlandishly reoccur
This distasteful sonuvabitch, indeed
Again … soon as the pen comes down around … and the entanglement bed entices her mangled head
To welcome her right back to this estranged existence
Permitted when least suspected – lead-head, shredded yet still causing all kinds of literary and otherwise stirs
Beautiful disasters
A one-percent version of the real She/the manky-handed flip-side of the cliché silver-lining
Motherf**king writers and their broken-down brilliance, which no-one ever quite gets to let themselves see
Only she – pity, did she ever mention the untapped potential

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