Rita’s been screaming / hidden within this contagious conveyor belt wherein haphazard dreams go to lie and die / deceptive, incorrect by nature – the chosen caffeine-swilling imbecile down on her blood-riddled knees… please!!!

Impartial to the stiff whiskey now and forever again… wherein well-wishers will sit silently astride / talk in monstrous murmurs yet vilify by way of treacherous afterthought

A map to the Stars, here they all are…
She knows she really ought to make new sense of her rip-torn world again but it’s all of it been a thing of seismic betrayal

Until the last day or night of her life – a knife has been calling her home / appealing to twist the edges of ransomed reasoning softly, heavily, deafeningly within

Her pretty little face still appears but worn and torn to the detriment of an alter-ego – wherein heroes become a zero wherewithal

Finally withdrawn and ready to breathe easily, with her devils of deadlocked industry bargaining for an improved, improvised, environment wherein her grave breathes with flowers of empowerment blossoming too little too late

She’s been bravely braced albeit undeniably crucified
By the might of maniacal misbehaviour

These pink-pills of maddening industry were her saving grace albeit a thing of secretive virtuosity – too little too late, when fate plays its tiny violin and at heartbreaking pace

Least she had her sentiments of suggestive expression for a lukewarm form of therapy in the end
… … …
She liked the ideas of the unrecognised geniuses, she did
And a posthumous plume of signifying smoke goes up, whilst he reads all of her favourite stuff
A tetris-ed existence will always take unanimously spectacular shape, be it a thing of equal animosity or harshly beyond
The realm of righteous realisation – this ethereal creation

Waiting for her wherewithal aside withdrawn wings… to hone on in intensified by the light, wherein the cracks begin to take alarming shape again

She kept on telling herself that: “maybe tomorrow my pen will make sense of itself” – and, to simply think, all she ever wanted to do was to get lost with you people