Silence – times of tantalised atrocious-ness and other largely dumbfounding things wherein, a stopgap step across the threshold held its own borrowed breath. To breathe some fresh and brand new life on-thru from me to you… to a natural phenomenon of nature,

Is to splash a dash of instrumental and slightly barking-mad penmanship laden with Spillers ink

Across the shade of the enraged page!!

There they go again- giving what’s fictional some kind of rather routine reality again..

As another times-a-thousand shady artist carries her favourite BEST mindset with her to the grave’s end; and she SHALL comfortably cause it to COLLIDE

With the back of behind… the Great beyond Some times(?)

To absolutely pause… … … and painstakingly pOnDeR…

Why in the name of a crucified Christ with ALL-OF-HIS MAKE-BELIEVE-HISTRIONICS and standing QUESTIONABLY stILL, ill & nailed to a storyboarded cross (?)

Was he so VERY CROSS ABOUT IT ALL IN THE 1st desert-thirsty place?!

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