The oblong vengeful obsession. is recklessly realistic at being miserly estranged
And, safe to whisper and to say, that stranger things have failed at happening – it is all of it fucked-up at being deliriously a-l-o-n-e

That hiding asshole … sees a way to make
Mountains from molehills – nonsensically sentimental midst uttermost persuasive
And ask you again but why oh why on high earth must we appear to a-d-h-e-r-e to the snake-bite of a strifetime

Lifetime, violently
Take it all out of me, please permit this one gentle thing to break the dishevelled d-i-v-i-d-e

Can you not see
That my eyes have been meaning to make some singular sense and to righteously realign

U-n-t-i-l it f-e-e-l-s all kinds of right – these permitted Doctors office germs earning their distasteful place in his story