A city seems to know nothing of it’s about to be permitted destruction, amidst undeniable upheaval. These crying shame people – they fall away to silenced smithereens, whilst the hidden enemy within realises a chance to cause bountifully awry alarm. And buildings break and glass windows shatter to crumble and pour, atop one such miserable and kindly soul.

He has been sipping from the cup of distorted distaste – alcoholic beverage namely, and this problematic occurrence is no more agonising for him than before it all happened and at piercingly opportune chance. What was once a beautifully astute city suddenly squirms and turns itself to typical dereliction, soon as Hitler’s hardcore henchmen sowed a most deceptively disgusting and decrepit seed.

Crushed body broken terrifically beneath these fallen bricks… he now needs to breathe as though ’twere his last action on earth…

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