Really, I could just play soccer all day every day, keep extremely fit and keep scribbling to my hearts content. But that ain’t the way I wish for it to be. At all. I want to be as busy as the busiest man in Ireland. I want to create unputdownable prose, as was always the sole aim way back when. I want to watch my nearest and dearest smile like their faces are catching smiley-fire, and I definitely want to watch Man Utd return to their old superpowers. I’m fairly confident of all of the above happening… excluding the last part ☹️ 🤷‍♂️ anyhoo, that’s it. That’s the fighting fit words of an ocd sufferer. Someone who wishes he had have gotten to be a far, far quieter and retiring version of himself, albeit I fear that particular boat has flown the coops nest of bedraggled warlords of industrious hindsight 🤔

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