It isn’t that they didn’t seem to like having these contrarily ambiguous big-BAD-CHATS; about this-AND-that… other thing known-to-be

Outrageously ego-filled interpretation, actually(!) and a-c-u-t-e-l-y Aware As to Their (very-own) sense of singular intelligence, it’s been —

Played-out only a thousand times-too-many, waiting for that ANY-WHICH-WAY penny to eventually drop;

they are soul-searching for no bloody reason, other than that.. they’ve been acting bloodlust and thirsty

“On purpose?” Perhaps, that sense of singular survival WAS always a-s-k-i-n-g for
His best hand back…

Asking and v-e-r-y nearly EVEN begging.. for HIM to begin again. With an enviable and EQUALLY demented sentence/sentiment(!?)