I was crawling upon the floor, cobblestones rather
When my charming-man father decided to approach, broach my every teenage being
Clean to the very bone ’til he rather alarmingly stepped on in
I didn’t know where the off button could be, didn’t foresee the outright animosity about to unfold
Taking my hand, adamant entirely upon getting to wax ‘fair’ lyrical
All lies but I get to see none of the above aforementioned, quenching these burning questions all over ’til left dried right out
What seemed like a mere miracle only it wasn’t
‘Til my mother fell so far on out of my manic mind I really could no longer find a way back
See, he reset these particular childhood tracks, purposely poisoned a mind whilst somehow also multi-tasking, managing to momentarily send me a million ways blind
My father should never have arrived in the first instance, I know this much right now
A time when remaining but a distant memory is quite alright

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