Stalemate – A round of forbidden applause please, and they shall gladly attempt at (re-)gaining a good necessity. – No! A damn-well downright earmarked actuality… In fact!!

When a wholly partaking party of unofficial reprobates becomes one simply because they wholly know no other meandering way back from the (un)thinkable brink… .. . Sinking.
Cataclysmic and catastrophic by all sworn-in accords of which… Of them-there heavy-breathers, jet-setter/go-getters will fashionably renew themselves with old conscientious acquaintances again!?

Because this can slyly remain…
Farther from the whole known truth and also the only known manner of managing at getting to secretively upsetting – A perfectly imperfect applecart –

Immediately right here = With the bobbing of a most generous apple, please?

Facefirst and filled with dreaded both dredging F-E-A-R, albeit deliriously both deliciously driven – Against

The fate of the (re-)emerging grain shall fail to exist – Upside-over-beneath, this protocol is real and rather resolute

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