Ambivalent apostles who care for their perfectly problematic family clans – can we shall we ask you just one single such sizeable question again while we ideally, fair demonstratively suggest?

That the thunderstruck aftermath can, in fact, manage to remain wrought-iron aside rather carefree … increasingly … incredible

This born-bothered, open-eyed, brazen-faced bibliophile which prises his own inner eyes a whole lot wider as the weight of the circular both cyclical world will inevitably get to fanatically favour both saviour his meaningful gaining – rhapsodically play these adolescently reminiscing games, please!!

And altogether and fair distantly wishing upon the afternoon beat-back scatter-smashing of perched and pretty little clandestine stars that here we all were … once upon a delirium-driven time

Pressed to fight

Wired by the other cursed person’s mightily inspired foresight ain’t ever felt so fcking marvellously fantastic before

Never know it though … but we just might make up the deadening difference by the nerve-ending with the gift of a mouthpiece which spells a correct kind of spontaneous error

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