All avenues have been mathematically matter of fact aNgLed as they once were.. sinking inside of their feinting chairsAgain.. we were acting

Emblematic of these superior and SERIOUSLY(!) enigmatic, automatically UpstandingPeople(.) and we did do it Y-E-T again, “and we cannot (GET-TO)forget what came and went(!!!)

as faaaaaar(!!) and imaginable as CanPossibly be(..)”

As our intended Tendencies did their very+own+thing, AS… … the rest of the remainingPeoplebegin toPepper+Themselves=In, Ahem… quick-paced-thinking: we blink and we still DO+NOT missIt, and “Why(?!)” but because

“We never lost faith in the strength of this stressed ANDstretchedSyllable.” How could we have ever done such a sickeningly suggestive thing.. “when the outcome was always, always, ALWAYS going+to+be