We were indeed sleeping thru it all now and wide awake WITNESSING.. a Holy Ghost tragedy take… emblematic, automatic sHaPe(.)

It’s to’ve understood the nastily little people with their wits reverberating, their eagerness of mind wonderfully eNtAngLeD glorious-LEE 🚣‍♀️ 😉within

“Their have-a-heart minds(!)”
It’s been PREordered precariousNESS / and it’s been

A shrinking violin, actually, SensAtioN(.) whereIN (their bracketed intelligences swim…)

About as good as good can’Ve seeN itself delve and get. “They might like to make it all+UP+again as they go NOT so very deep within ~~~~

the tip of the triangular IceBerG actually.” And if time w-a-s running itself down+and+OUT, then so be they these

Credible PeoPle of wide-asleep emotions. It’s not an ocean of metaphorical antagonisation but just this…

HolY(?) sh*T thinG: “of placing their cards D-O-W-N(… … …) upon that PUT-UPON tAbLe…

and jovially losing anyWAY(!!)” because to lose IS to dig a little deeper with you cards held close to you

Mental chest… maybe. Ready to go again and WIN, “maybe(?)”