It all fell by the wayside and tantalised their wide awake dreams. Because they are in fact the same separate sense of perceived dreams! Just of a different era and realm and utterly utmost a maniacal and Marvellous balance of warring wHirRinG brain-

These “un-entitled” individuals have been sitting NeRvOuSly while they simultaneously gAtHer their wits back together (again)

Times a million, as their next master-CATCH shall attempt to rigorously become something of second to NONE portrayal

A Portly Fat and Disgustingly disgruntled LOOKING man, albeit just as much..

A creatively designated and rich vein of human artistic endeavour, Which runs endlessly as though

A wide AWAKE river—- Which swims at the centre of his mEAnDerInG of CORE(beliefs!)

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