Always and a day when we least expect it
No such regret, for it does indeed seem any sort of burgeoning regret will set these painstaking sands of time utterly against us
Perfection-seeking undoubtedly the worst kept secret in the whole wide world
We. Just. Need. To. Retreat.
For this rather fruitless endeavour, albeit only ever by the very end, will leave us absolutely reeling
Almost, but never quite more so than those chosen few too many people who were forced to stand upon the Twin Towers
‘Til their forever steeple came crashing on down right round their each and every beloved family
And all of this courtesy of one Osama Bin Laden’s own serendipitously poisonous accord
For he sought out a rather mystifying kind of perfection altogether
God Almighty, where was your all too promised interjection when we needed it most!?

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