Dressed dripping in thought: Thought herself how to multi-faceted amount to all-out-clout. she did
And then something seriously whip-smart and real at being wonderfully wrought-iron starts to happen
A cutthroat crew of emblematic zeroes turned breathlessly towards last-gasp heroes
when, later still, they begin to speak in four-cornered walls with wielded tongues for holocaust survival – which creep, they do be crawling, plus the rhythm only minus the visible fire… tantalised and gyrating from the hopscotch hip
To make clear perpetual sense yet again, and the heady expansiveness of grey exterior which peppers their hair necessarily resounds – not this one time though, not about to abound
The quiet land, areas of no smoke without the flame, shark-attacks midst dilapidated landmarks and it simply wishes to work itself out this one time…
Sitting within: Their old ‘n’ worn-out Mercedes Benzes – counting down their pretty little millionaire pennies
While driving themselves peculiarly insane