The bound-down, beautifully estranged young lady knows one way to make some sort of sensational sense

Of something slathered by all kinds of bespoke and precious prepped devotedly aside nothing very incorrigible

Indeed, she does like to belie the belief – relief away from the never-ending pressure of eagle-eyed people who carry themselves creatively and with time tattooed by their cloak ‘n’ dagger sides – and to make herself seem a second-fiddled entity of non-entitlement

Ridiculously preordained and inescapably exceptional when it carries a way with a fantastically fabricated swirl with lyrical words, the undercurrent which contagiously implemented itself
Right by the meandered beginning

Til magnificently instigated at the break of steadied dawn – we are all of us sitting with our weekday-legs comfortably gathered aside configured til comfortably numb, while we get to letting our coffee-swilling fore-fingers and rambling thumb to deliriously settling themselves down upon

– the chit-chat heart-attack most definitely welcomed in –

To partake in equally tethered, equally tantalised moments pressed memorably against

The warm-sides of a crystalline cup of what is altogether visually interpretative

And she lifts her lip, witnesses the whole wide room enthuse itself, for and of itself…
And allows for it to quiver a little bit

Til smiling for the whole wide many of us who shall buoy ourselves like bountiful creatures
To stand a-mile-wide yet stood forever plausibly alongside

Her marvellous self – steadied and a fashionista’s best-kept secret

Stylised to vilify

Meaning to be intricately magnificent and attired by

What is insatiably, irrevocably pristine

Ladies & gentleman, welcome to this keen-eyed Harlow lady’s modern-day re-awareness

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