The visuals almost but not quite matching the magically embellished taste of their each cigarette for gusto
Two old friends, toe-to-exasperated toe, albeit about to get to set one such moment alight
And all of this courtesy of Woodbine – freeze-frame, the very beginning of the 20th century’s incredibly ignorant answer to cancer
Close both of your eyes and get to recall this time all over
Hunched entirely, per usual conversation less than necessary
Pints of Guinness and Murphy’s settled to the side, right by the stone wall they created together over three decades ago
A telling replica of a most beautiful divide between two such provinces – juxtaposed perfectly
Flying the flag both blue and red
And then, finally, right back to the crazy impatient Woodbine, pressed tightly against the inside of either side of their fore- and middle-fingers, whilst an aroma like no other continues to linger uncontrollable

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