Horizon, be oh so f*cking kind upon these paralysed eyes, please…
Tease everything bowling bowl alley on through me
… we squeeze our middle fingers beneath/within, ’til scintillated between these awaiting pins

that match and hatch the plan of a lifetime …
For your interior design finds me hanging out in these clutching wings

I’ve been stung-out and just cannot bring myself to roll the dice anymore …

Soon as we parade our eagle-eyed everything again, and lean upon that awaiting table, wherein the checkered flag is blacker than black … and we go no less vilified throughout the night – stressed to the point of utter approval

Move your mind for me, please… and turn your backside right the wrong way round, ’til I’ve found myself again
We’ve been missing in kaleidoscopic action and this satisfaction just cannot get enough of us …

If you must whistle ‘n’ whisper near my still stinging ear, then do your damn damnedest … to rhyme the time … ’til we collide like clockwork crazy and caress the other person’s Vegas-fed many a thing

I’ve been waiting with sedation for my very best friend – these drugs do work … and you shall parcel-wrap the whole wide and witnessing world
Little lady, you will need to sit strapped within my passenger seat side, while we smirk-to-f*ck and softly say – vilified

‘Til we remain starry-eyed individuals sipping cocktail-aligned everything – the crash/bang/wallop that strings it all back together again

May I ask … Are you mine yet?

Do you really think that I mean to upset you though …. supposedly so

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