Precisely, wilt away some day so soon like all of the damn dastardly constrained greats – they wanna be that shining star but inevitably flailing at failing
Walking whilst standing still in the same sprinting place

Wound up fisticuffs whirring immeasurably within and a heavyweight brain drops its favourite best baton – oh how the endlessly inept metaphors mysteriously abound midst a terrorising lifestyle
No style at all really but for the utter chaos which does indeed dutifully crumble

Be brilliant to have been untainted, left deliriously unconfiscated by it all – the bouts of twelve round interior confusion
From adolescent to adulthood all awhile the upside down smile penetrates which way forever directionless it feels as though the surface has been submerged again multiplied by ten thousand hours by tenfold

When the pain purposefully rains right the way round about a magnificent personality and the shining face of the sophomore sun makes medicated fun of someone so soon as the moon dives right back till twisted unforgivably within the scope of his brutalised and forged, reaching, reacting mind – under the comatose lights beneath between these soliloquy floods he invisibly wails


Waits, still, struggling inside of his coffin-esque bed which may as well have been dressing him in the same shape all along

All awhile
Wrought-iron destroyed by the lying irrational levels of bewildered OCD still persists, heavenly insists upon welcoming him in by inviting the size of his nullified mind to irreversibly die of a most gluttonous tide while we wave him incalculably away

The candle is flickering and flaring at half mast about to melt into oblivious aside secretive opinion
He had to go abstract

There is no ticking time bomb any greater prepared than this fit struggle, incredulously interrupts

Chalk and cheese, pl-ease let him be with those who care more than he can know it the most, all awhile he writes the words that need to land themselves and carefully whisper to be forever heard near his preciously invigorated ear

And noone can ever comprehend nor stone cold compare themselves and their mitigated battle with the complete levels of hanging anxiety, again, seriously multiplied by a militia of debilitation when nauseatingly multiplied by tenfold

Stranglehold to strange-hold to strangely held viciously within by this inexplicable thing which swims venomously right by his fallen favourite features

Harder he tries to make his malnourished mind up and out and all of the glorious way to the other side of the poison-faced replica of a real life, the harder we fail to mightily realise

The real man lain distastefully behind the mentally thunderstruck mask – if these momentary facial photographs could take him all of the way back then they most certainly would have done something special, yet the mischievous dancing darkness which simply, sizeably applies and surrounds a sounded-out million-mile-a-minute individual, shall actually grab and shake and, finally, plead with him to take the sinking thinking pill

Purloin and taken impeccably away midst a million dying and marvellously missed minutes

Here he sits barely breathing treating himself to the only hope we know that he owns – still trying to read our finest mind… All awhile a million more smiles die silently inside

Falsely represented what was meant to be incredibly resilient