We were the most introverted and silent survivors of our time. As wildly different and defiantly dutiful to the paused And Impassioned caUSe at it may well have been.. we were actually thinking of going at it again when—/

“Everyone else happened to open up their ears and eyes and athletically enhanced mind ANDsouls… to y-e-t another sense of searingly h-e-a-t-e-d delirium.”

And YES(..) there IS a rum&cOkE existence in this particular tale= tasteless perhaps and certainly an adventure akin to none other else… —)) Except, Maybe, for1(?) way to f-e-e-l a million things yet again

Even when: their beastly bewilder is piercinglyReal. “We will start to f-e-e-l none of this anymore than LATELY-before.” As our jaw dropping nature takes… far sTrAngEr ThaN FiCTioNaL r-a-n-g-e: like they say—- “outwardly s-t-r-a-n-g-e(!!)”

And we JUST-MUST(..) make ourselves humanly amount:: to this unaccountable sense of

—> > headstrong anticipation. “Even if- we only ever had ourSELVES to radically count upon YET+again.” There IS a place to blame..

And NOT, in fact, “somewhere ORsome1elseANYM-O-R-E(.)” Just p-o-u-r and mother-f****** Adore. Yes. This may well have been impossible but it was also

Covered inGold: “for the sake of their ludicrous sOuLs.”