When Monsieur Alcatraz tied a pretty damn pink ribbon to the dry wall of one such town, promised each and every one of these quick-wit people that he’d have it all
Firing right from the deliciously trained snake-hip – a marvellous instrument to get to behold altogether when set in place
One way or another
A beautiful ‘to-do’ delicately placed upon that contrived list at a miraculous time – the manner in which it will just need to be, plain downright tapestried, an amiable try-hard indeed
Brave to a rather handsome point, all mic’d up, willing to endlessly cold shoulder these seemingly asked-for procedural interruptions all of their bespoke own
A serenely set bubble coated by a courageous kind of hope – the multi-coloured surface which gets to replicate the sun denying a rather desperate need for these entire bouts of gloom – they honed on in and finally, inevitably lost the entirety of their appeal
Trust us, he will cope oh so immaculately and the rest, been feeling all of these things
When he stood on up, smart as a tack, to the glorious fore, tied his bow and thumped the livelong life from his warlord chest

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