The skill set is remarkable actually- it’s been instilled mesmerically within all of
She… has HAD to have f-a-s-t-e-n-e-d her fuller-focus to this sense of

Momentary enticement MEET WITH the definition of ULTIMATE=EXCITEMENT(!) We have watched our words and wound tHemSlevEs UP ‘TIL LEFT: IN THIS PARTICULAR STATE

Of confused dElIrIuM, actually – “yes!” She’s been b-R-e-A-t-H-i-N-g at a pace of a thousand-miles-per-mentally-magnificent-minute, ACTUALLY(!)

And she w-i-l-l continue on regardless of ANYTHING ELSE(…) WHICH COMES cHaOtiCaLLy BEFORE HER: how WILL she EVER still do it, we might like to bother ourselves and ask..

Because her wondrous sense of eyes-wide-opening entitlement does in-DEED seem… … to mean damndownright(!) EVERYTHING TO HER singular(!) STATE

OF suitably sedated implementation—
As she came with it.. as if captured AND KISSED(!!) by a wrecking-ball in the wind(!)