Sit on my fence and we get to drench the whole damn thing
One. Mesmerising. Smile. Per. Time.
This Pacific Ocean has us enticed entirely
But we will need to dip our feet a little or a lot
First let the thirst tempt us all of the way over
Take a balancing-act stroll
S’pose you want a sip of my brown-bagged wine along the fair precarious way, you absolute daughterovaduchess
Fine, so long as you do it right behind my back
While I take a step in a rather neglectful direction
Oh, did I ever mention an utter need to breathe against this fence ’til they get to see me, feel every last goddamn sun-choked part of me
Guess only then will we see who gets to stand oh so tall, who falls like Humpty-Dumpty on crack

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