Sometimes I really don’t know
Then, sometimes, I just do…
The mammoth uncertainty right before this alarming wonder-show
‘Tis either toe-to-toe or slip by the wayside
Perfectly downright fried brain/bottle of cheap red wine by the river of resolute pain
Seems I always get to decide…
Hide it out or amount to everything
Face pressed against these candy floss clouds, marking all of it out
Blue skies thunder down upon
Juxtapose supreme – fast-forward then stay on the relatively correct track
Curtailing this slack, flack to make anyone else appear finer than sane
When does it all start making a little more sense
Six-pence none the richer or a million dollars up inside of my bank account amidst dullard scripture
One thing always and forever polluted by the other
Heaven and hell all rolled into one
Smoke. All. Of. It. Every. Last. Bit.

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