He smiled right in my direction, a handsome man coated in utter disguise – by an inability to talk the talk, we must chalk it all down to a barely-there upbringing
Stinging his seemingly very real steely nature which longed to be stretched once upon a time, masterfully etched in one way or another
He still searches for a way to somehow taste it all, then one sprightly day he opted upon falling into my everything…
I bring with me this rather eerie and altogether sizeable ability to meet others half way, to say what they fail to see – I can be his final saviour, a flavour oh so necessary to the cause
Please, sit with me, free these all too harrowingly set memories, go right ahead, quench that thirst that burst upon the scene and very nearly promised you almost everything
A flame asking to be relatively tamed – you do tend to blame only ever yourself, the further you delve the worse it gets
This bottle of hope holds no scope, wisps of smoke choking more than just your golden lungs
I’m right here, so near yet oh so far in many an agonising way – attempting to pay it forward
Not a word, for I need no comeuppance as such
You’ve prayed for this, now take the time to let it impress your core ’til what has always been rather gently stored gets the opportunity to roar on into this utterly besieged piece of brilliance we’ve all been waiting for
Remarkable resilience plied aside these sparkling blue and ocean-like eyes, the kind of which I’ve never quite seen before
My oh my, how right you were to believe in yourself from the seriously thinning beginning
Now, there’s just one final decision to make, don’t you think?
Try and make it last, to finally caress the best parts of you that have always asked for just this
You will need to permit my entrance

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