The part of them that proceeds without even processing… the amount of clouds+on+UP inside of their LazyAss minds. It’s hella circumstantial InHere and certainly a land of laboured love on its own—

If we were to’ve encapsulated our own sense of SUCCINCT+awareness then maybe we’d have better done it without achieving simultaneous things. It’s oftentimes homeSPRUNG and other times

Relatively inhospitable- how the *******hell he fits Into that Sort Of thIng at all. She’s been… “bending down+NOW and mouthDROPPINGLY gYrAtiNg… and gathering enough(…) olden day stories to show…

Another woundUP world.” If only We’d even let ourselves bother and listen… it’s that… way with words which carries its own lukeWARM+aura of ArrowLike happiness inside, the shakeUP amidst utter… comforting numbers actually. Way they saw it, they didn’t even see anything, “shhhhhhHhH!!” Says she, and “W-H-I-S-T a-while,” smiles HE.

There’s a tree~hugging SENSE OF SYMMETRICAL happinesses happening in here, There, and EVERYwhere(?!?), and we wouldn’t be best pleased with that level of ludicrous… expectations indeed. “They seem… an+inch+away from immediate familiarity. And that’s not the new-good-thing any more than EVER before… in our

Courtship of eyes AND insuperable Minds.” We’ve been trying to NOT supplant ourselves for the sake of someone else — and that’s what happens when the lazyAsS ventriloquist decides to

Transform his mind(s) Into a who’s+who of utter Anticipation. While he sits (in adulation) to watch these Immediacy of people Run Away With, and from, Themselves again . If it’s a beggar’s game, then he baffled THEM+ALL so as to

SIT WITHIN HIMSELF – and beggar belief