It has indeed been a very long time and I have missed you like never before
Now, step from that plane, open your arms, dance with me
For we are all about to set this particular city’s light aflame
I am the diamond and you are my rough – plied aside one another I can promise you this, we will smother it all
So, why not start at the airport bar?
Where our memories fall right back into astute place
I’ll have a beer, you your favourite cocktail
While we let all of the others who surround us pale in comparison
I always had this vision, created rather wonderfully by modern day technology – namely Skype
Dry your eyes mate, for we are about to go all over again
One week may never quite be enough yet this truly is something that the pair of us deserves oh so very much
A toast to our creators, the ones who nestled us on up in here
Supported us, steered us oh so right
Fret not, for before too long we’ll be up all night, burning the Spanish candle ’til unable to think about anything else
Shelving future problematic situations; remain with me, let yourself fall into my every immaculate vision
For me, you were always this perfect, rather mesmeric vision
Sent to take the whole thing down
I do love you, for there are few and far between
Let’s get to clinking these glasses… CHEERS!
Two beautiful girls who can, in fact, own the world

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