Striking on her father’s part – high… HIGH art!!
Parts of her w(Hole) mother piercing on through, by the rather jutting out and rustic cheekbones more so
Ghostly, yet she still tries as she might to own none of it
A need to breathe her very own soliloquy legacy, whilst curiosity cannot but continually go about choking a hopelessly devoted world right the whole way out – 21-years and no such signs of letting go
Nauseatingly so
His blonde, fair fairytale locks shock-absorbing seemingly everything into only ever bouts of momentary submission
Then we go again – turning reckless Rock ‘N’ Roll memorabilia into what seems like for us at least an almost-reality
Quite sadly
Her cigarette smoke swirls on up in the very same direction as him, ’til cascading down upon once more
Jealousy and fangirl screams hidden inside of utterly grown women – embarrassingly inept out of sync discretion
Floundering, pawing amidst this desperate screen which once shielded her well ’til finally wiping away at an incredibly enviable and oh so secretive world
Tell us, did your Daddy ever really find his true nirvana?

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